What we do

Here you can see what services apart from medical advice and information we provide.

  • Medical transportation

    If a patient has no ability to return from abroad to Japan, or from Japan to his/her country of origin, due to the medical condition, we can provide arrangement with the hospitals and transportation of the patient with medical staff’s escort.

  • Transportation of human remains

    If a person passed away, and you would like the remains to be delivered from abroad to Japan or from Japan to abroad, we can arrange all the procedures needed in this case.

  • Negotiating medical bills

    Sometimes the bills for the medical services you received abroad are too high. We can provide negotiations with medical institutions to decrease the amount of your bill before paying.

  • Translating medical documentation

    There is a system of partial reimbursement for the medical bills you have already paid abroad. To use it you must have Japanese National Health Insurance or social health insurance, and you should consult with your local municipality in Japan. We provide the translations of the necessary documentation from several languages.


    A package of services for enterprises in Japan.

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