Privacy policy

The NPO International Medical Information Center (further “the Organization”) recognizes the importance of personal information and makes the following efforts to store and use the information properly.
Collection of personal information
In case of collecting personal information, the Organization indicates as clearly as possible the purpose of use, and does not collect the information, which exceeds the limits of necessity.
Use of personal information
The Organization does not use personal information for the purposes other than indicated.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties
The Organization does not disclose personal information to third parties, except for the cases when there is a consent from the subject, or when the disclosure is admitted as an exception by the law.
Storage and protection of personal information
The Organization applies safety measures to prevent illicit access to personal information, to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification or divulgence of personal information, and for other ways of proper storage of personal information.
System and structure
The Organization assigns a manager of protection of personal information and performs properly storing personal information.
The Organization provides the training towards its directors and employees concerning the methods of proper storing and protecting personal information, and encourages them to be thorough in dealing properly with personal information during their daily duties.
Release and correction of personal information
The Organization reacts promptly in case of the request from the subject him/herself or the substitute for release, correction, end of use, etc. of the personal information being stored by the Organization.
Revision of policy of personal information protection
The Organization respects the laws concerning personal information and informs the employees about the current policy and the activities of the BAJ. The Organization revises and improves regularly or as necessary the policy in order to deal with personal information safely and correctly.
We endeavor to provide accuracy of the information used by The NPO International Medical Information Center; however, the Center will not take on any responsibility for any actions taken by the users utilizing the information on the current home page.